International Shortcourse on Management of Indonesian Small Scale and Medium Enterprises (6 -17 August 2017)

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Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have significantly contribute to improve the Indonesian economy and society. The MSMEs account 99% of the total amount of enterprises in Indonesia and they create a total of 107.6 million jobs in Southeast Asia’s largest economy. Moreover MSMEs can create jobs about 97% of the total workforce and it contributes to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in average 60.6% (Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs of the Republic of Indonesia, 2013). During the economy crisis in 1998, the MSMEs were able to survive the country’s economy in times of shocks. The facts indicate that these enterprises is a vital issue in providing economic activities for developing national economy.

On the other hand, the MSMEs face some problems: restricted access to productive assets, low productivity, shortage of qualified workers, limited access to financial funding, and limited market opportunities. However, some MSMEs could handle the problems through learning of entrepreneurial competencies in order to improve their competencies. Therefore, there are many lesson learned of failures and successful stories from Indonesian SMEs contexts.

International Shortcourse on Management of Indonesian SME’s (MISsME) is a specific program to enhance knowledge, skills and competencies specifically in SsME’s management based on agricultural products. The course will be focused on value creation of SMEs including operations, marketing, human resources, and financial aspects towards sustainabilty. This course will provide a comprehensive study covering theories and case studies of SMEs in Indonesia. A selection of these cases will be further analysed and elaborated throughout the course. The participants will also visit the SMEs that have been success in order to develop their business.
The objectives of this course are to share knowledge of Indonesian SMEs, to learn cases of successfull and failures of SMEs, and to improve networking and collaborations between participants.

The participants will have a special occasion to do social activity in Indonesia based on Small scale and Medium Enterprise (SsME) especially for Traditional Cullinary and Handycraft in Bogor regency, Bandung and Jakarta. You will also learn and understand first hand on Indonesian language and culture. In addition, you are welcomed in special hospitality . Certificate of participation from Short Course will be given at the end of the program.
The programs consist of several activities. Firstly, Theoretical and understanding SsME’s business approaches. Secondly, Case Studies: Tools and Instruments for Problem Solving. Thirdly, social and technical Excursion. Lastly, cultural and network exchange among participants

How will the MISSME work?
Participants will meet up in Bogor. The course which will be delivered in English combines sense of friendship, adventure and caring. Participants will be involved in social and technical excursions, and will stay and visit three different places : Bogor, Bandung and Jakarta for 10 days.
Indonesia is renowned for its tasty and diverse food. Meals will be provided based on schedule. Meals consist of traditional Indonesia dishes, which participants generally find to be very generous and tasty. If you have special eating needs, please let us know ahead of time so that we can make arrangements for you. However, we need to stress the point that you should not expect to eat as you normally do at home. We will do our best to see that you are well taken care of, but also as a participant, there is a need to be flexible. There are numerous amazing restaurants throughout Bogor which you will be directed to by program staff if you wish to eat out occasionally.

Requirements to take part at MISSME
The participants of MISSME Program should meet the following criteria:
1.Students of All nationalities are welcomed
2.Commit to join full program (pre, on , and post program)
3.Able to pay the program fee
4.Able to adapt new environment easily
5.Health physically and mentally

Participants must pay the program fee in amount of
registration : USD 500,-. (1 August 2017)
Transfer to : 3898512 A.n. Rektor IPB Cq KS FEM –IPB, BNI Darmaga

What do participants’ fees for?
Program Fee – All activities indicated on schedule (Local Transportation, Social and Technical Excursion, social activities, etc), certificate of participation from MISSME, meals during placement period, and Hotel as indicated on schedule.
What additional cost should participants provide?
FLIGHT EXPENSES to and from Jakarta from your home country, domestic transport to and from Bogor, passport fee, travel insurance, and personal expense.

How to apply
1.Register Click Here
2.Deadline of application : 1 August 2017 before 11 pm (Jakarta time)
3.This program is maximal for 25 participants. So, apply now and be a qualified participant.

Lindawati Kartika(Project Support Department)
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Cell phone : + 62 8111121801
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Stevia Septiani (Project Support Department)
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